C the difference: Cory Cares
making a difference, one community at a time

 ABOUT C the Difference: Cory Cares

My name is Cory, I am 16 years old, and I started "C the difference: Cory Cares"
in September 2012 after I saw a documentary called, "Hard Times: Lost on Long Island".

It was devastating to learn how many people are struggling right in my own
community and it inspired me to spend the next 12 months doing something to help.

I set out to raise $1200.00 to provide the local food pantry with $100 a month (for 1 year)
worth of the most needed items to ease the hunger issues in my community.
Super Storm Sandy left us with more people in need of assistance and fewer
people donating, inspiring me to set bigger goals and keep the monthly donations going!

THAT IS HOW C the difference: Cory Cares STARTED...

AS OF 2017

We are OFFICIALLY a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization

We continue to provide monthly deliveries to my local food pantry in Oceanside, NY AND

we now have  CHAMPIONS delivering food to AT LEAST 3 food pantries each month all over long island

We host monthly food drives at businesses/schools/offices

We now have a junior advisory board made up of 10 young  adults ages 12-18

AND we are just getting started...


THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO "C" what C the difference is all about!